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How to Leverage the Top 3 Data Analytics Trends of 2020

2020 will bring new data analytics trends that pose fundamental changes to the ways many marketers manage and leverage their data. With some groundwork, these trends can empower teams to make more informed decisions and demonstrate ROI unlike ever before, says Sam Melnick, VP, Market Insights & Growth. In the new year, I believe three […]

Want to Save Your B2B Marketing Job? Close the Proof Gap

You have lots of data, but can you attribute revenue to your marketing campaigns using numbers that are credible to everyone? If not, you’ve got a proof gap. Find out how to close it and increase your job security, shares, Bonnie Crater, CEO of Full Circle Insights. Marketers have plenty of data. Say you run […]

Why every CMO should leverage data lakes to drive business value

Rebecca Stone, Head of Marketing at LiveRamp, discusses the value data lakes can provide in terms of sorting through the considerable amounts of data marketers deal with, as well as how marketing leaders can successfully implement these useful resources. If your business relies on data-driven marketing at any scale and you expect to maintain a […]