15 September

How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Marketing in 2020

Artificial intelligence marketing (AI) is looking to change the game of leveraging customer data, with new found concepts of machine learning to anticipate the next move […]
19 August

How Autonomous AI Will Transform the Marketing Industry

According to a recent study by Forrester and Albert.ai, only 26% of marketers are using autonomous AI. The majority of marketers are using a more manual […]
12 August

Sorry Robots: Humans Crave Humans in Online Interactions

Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer, Gongos, shares insights from the recent survey by Gongos which shows customers would rather stand in long lines than talk to […]
16 June

Why Our Chatbot Implementation Failed – and How You Can Avoid the Same Mistakes

While chatbots create valuable new marketing opportunities for personalized customer support, their implementation affects several departments of a business, from branding to legal compliance. Disregarding the […]
18 May

How AI is “Evolutionizing” B2B Sales and Marketing

As the B2B sales and marketing landscape continues to evolve, sales teams are increasingly challenged by the shift in power from seller to buyer and are […]
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