17 January

3 Technology-Driven Transformations That Will Reshape Digital Advertising in 2020

In an overcrowded ad tech environment, those players and brands that will take into account the significance of direct-to-customer communication, supply-path optimization and FAANG prevalence, have […]
17 January

How to Leverage the Top 3 Data Analytics Trends of 2020

2020 will bring new data analytics trends that pose fundamental changes to the ways many marketers manage and leverage their data. With some groundwork, these trends […]
16 January

In 2020, Marketers Must Keep Their Eyes on the Ball | MarTech Advisor

In 2020, marketers may find themselves learning a thing or two from sports teams. In this article, Jen Dodos explains how marketers can get their houses […]
16 January

Were Henry Ford and Steve Jobs Right About Customer Feedback?

Famous entrepreneurs Henry Ford and Steve Jobs were known for dismissing customer feedback. However, their stories prove that by ignoring consumers blindspots are created and competitors […]
15 January

Could Pinterest Be Your Social Media Marketing Secret Weapon in 2020? Q&A With Amy Vener

“Pinterest offers unique ways for retailers to help consumers have more connected shopping experiences.” Pinterest has seen steady growth and it is on a […]
15 January

5 Identity Resolution Myths That Could Be Causing a Crisis

Devon believes that the pool of true deterministic linkages is dried up and marketers need to start looking to advanced methods for resolving and maintaining an […]
14 January

3 Easy steps to complete your annual PPC checkup

The crazed dash to wrap up 2019 and close the books on a banner year for PPC may have left search marketers feeling wiped out right […]
14 January

Lessons Learned from Data-Driven Holiday Marketing 

When it comes to holiday marketing, you want to get a user’s attention without being overly pushy. Analyzing the data from billions of messages sent, marketers […]
13 January

The Future is Interactive Content: 5 Predictions for Marketers in 2020

In this piece, Dmitry Shapiro, co-founder and CEO of GoMeta, dives into trends marketers should take advantage of in 2020 if they want to capture the […]
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