Did you know companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon OWN your visitor data? Nobody else should own your visitor data!

Its Time To Flip The Tables! STOP The Insanity!

RevBooster is proud to announce the release of one of the world’s first turnkey “identity resolution” solutions that will resolve your website or app visitors’ identities and let you keep them forever!

This solution, once only available to those “enterprise” companies that could afford to build an identity graph, is what marketers around the world have been waiting for!

We’re proud to introduce to the world RevBooster’s SmartPixel service. It’s the world’s first “Identity Resolution” infused smart pixel! We make your data permanent, portable, and profitable!


"Permanent, Portable, and More Profitable."

RevBooster empowers website and app owners (mobile, TV) to identify, capture, and truly "own" their 1st party data. By simply installing our proprietary “smart pixel” on their website or app, our proprietary technology identifies the site visitor by analyzing their device IDs and cross-referencing them against our identity graph database of over 200M known adult consumers

We Make First Party Visitor Data Permanent,
Portable, and More Profitable.


The average lifespan of a browser cookie is roughly 30 days and getting shorter. So while Facebook and the other tech giants are tracking cookies, we track people. By resolving the identity of the site visitors, we create a permanent identifier making our tech a “cookie-less tracking technology.” This permanent visitor record can be used to retarget site visitors much longer, actually forever. This is incredibly powerful for any type of business with repeat customers / lifestyle products/services who advertise to their prospects indefinitely.


Unlike Facebook’s tracking pixel, Google’s (Analytics), LinkedIn’s tracker, and others, the REVbooster “smart pixel” creates a platform-agnostic data file of matched site or app visitors. By our list of visitors being “portable,” our clients can take their data file to any major ad platform to retarget their actual visitors. Compatible platforms include but are not limited to: Google Adwords, Facebook, Google Display Network, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Amazon, Taboola, OpenX, and even streaming TV services including AppleTV, Roku, YouTubeTV, Hulu Live, and streaming radio platforms iHeart Radio and Pandora.


With our ability to unlock, own, and control their first-party visitor data, our clients can now monetize their visitor data in ways they probably have never even thought about. Aside from their new ability to super-charge their retargeting abilities, think about those related companies that might also like to target their in-market audience. For example, a Realtor who is using our technology to identify and capture the visitors on their website would also be valuable for partners to run ads to as well. Partners such as mortgage companies, banks, moving companies, real estate attorneys, homeowner’s insurance companies, and many others. If the Realtor lined up 2-3 of each of those companies to buy their targeting audience data every month, that could mean a significant new revenue stream


We are currently in a closed beta period. If you would like to participate in our beta, or if you'd like to discuss what we have to offer and how our solution will specifically work with you, please use the form below. One of our directors will get back to you personally within the next 24 hours.

Alternatively, if you'd like to schedule an appointment before then please visit our Facebook page to book a call. We look forward to working with you!

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