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12 Ways You Should Be Leveraging and Monetizing Your 1st Party Data

how to leverage identity resolution

1) Own your data. As obvious as this sounds, almost no companies actually take the necessary, simple steps to own their visitor data. This is mostly due to the fact that until today, there wasn’t a very easy way to capture anonymous visitors and store them in a compliant way using a persistent identifier (doesn’t […]

Can I straight up email retarget my anonymous visitors now?

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While it technically is possible to do true email retargeting of anonymous visitors now, we generally don’t recommend doing this, primarily because it must be done within strict compliance of your email marketing platform vendor, and most of them don’t allow sending unsolicited emails these days. However, if you have a high-traffic site and want […]

6 Reasons Why Identity Resolution is Crucial to a Customer Data Platform

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One of the biggest challenges in the era of omnichannel marketing is to collect and unify large amounts of data. Organizations can now collect demographic, geographic, transactional and behavioral data. Since the data collected remains in silos, businesses can’t make optimum use of these resources. For example, a user might see different types of ads […]