If so, it’s time you checked out RevAnalytics™, a RevBooster exclusive!

RevAnalytics™ is the world’s first fully featured identity resolution-powered alternative to Google Analytics. RevAnalytics™ offers website and app owners a full suite of powerful insights into their visitor activity, all without handing over all your site data to Google.

Best of all, RevAnalytics™ is offered to most website and app owners 100% FREE, with a pro version available for those who want to add “identity resolution” features. But we’re not done there.

Also included in the RevAnalytics™ suite is what we believe is the most powerful “tag manager” in the world, that will blow Google’s Tag Manager tool out of the water.

"Better Than Google?"
Come On. You Can't Be Serious.

We are very serious.

One reason Google has become so dominant is that it “spread its seed” all over the entire internet. The main reason it has spread so far and wide was because of the mass appeal its “free tools” such as Google Analytics had. The downside to that? Well, what users don’t realize is that when they install Google’s analytics script on their site, they are literally granting Google access to all of their visitor data and “other data” that they don’t even make available to you.

We give you your data. All of it. And we’ll give you resolved identities on top of that!
The power behind this alone should knock some folks off of their seats!

RevBooster has developed its own suite of website analytics tools, with rich features that go even beyond what Google Analytics offers such as site visitor profiles, heat maps, A/B split testing, and yes, even our “smart pixel” baked in so much deeper visitor tracking is enabled.

Our back-end data monetization strategy too grows faster as our pixel gets planted on more and more users’ websites. Each of our products have this common thread: our pixel fires on the websites and apps of end users.

REV Analytics will also include a full-featured “Tag Manager” similar to Google Tag Manager which deploys various marketing tags on the user’s website. This can also be used as a stand-alone product. In both versions, our marketing pixel is deployed and collecting website visitor data for use in our secondary market monetization.

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