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Last year, Google generated over $136B in revenue, largely in part from tracking YOUR website visitors. Your data has value. So why should only Google and Facebook get to profit from your valuable data?

Keeping that in mind, do you have a website or app traffic? How many people bounce off of your site without giving you any data? That said, how much is a lead worth to you? What if we could generate hot prospects for you at just $3.00 per day? Would you consider this a game-changer as most of our clients did? If so, its time you unlocked and controlled your visitor data!

We enable website owners to seamlessly and easily unlock, own, and control their visitor data, all in a privacy-safe, compliant way. Now YOU have those Google-like superpowers. This is the first turn-key data monetization solution for website owners and email service providers.

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What Is "Identity Resolution?"

Identity Resolution is the next sleeping giant, and it’s about to wake up and revolutionize the entire marketing industry in ways we’ve never seen before.

By definition, identity resolution is the process of linking all key pieces of data, or identity markers, in order to “resolve” the identity of any single individual, giving every marketer an advantage they once never had.

In the “usual” practice, identity resolution relies on an identity graph, which compiles and links billions of individual consumer signals and touchpoints into a singular view of a consumer. But problem with identity resolution is that mostly all businesses and marketers cannot afford to develop an identity graph, let alone be able to compile and link billions of signals into a singular view of a “consumer.” And that’s where we come in.

What is a prospect worth to you?

Our proprietary and turnkey identity resolution-based solutions are designed to empower businesses and marketers of all shapes and sizes! And we’re about to start turning your world upside down! If you’d like to participate in our closed beta, please contact us today, and a representative will get back to you in the next 24 hours.


We empower website & TV/mobile app owners to identify, capture and own their first-party data, and more importantly, resolve the identities of those who visit your site without having to spend millions to properly build your own identity graph.


Do you use a URL shortener such as for its inherent advantages and data? Well, it’s time to evolve. We’re the ONLY company in the world offering a URL shortener that resolves the identities of those who click the links! It’s a game changer!


This service is an absolute and total game-changer for the entire advertising industry. Over 25% of display ads are getting blocked today. In turn, the amount of publisher revenue lost is nuts! And we’re about to start giving the revenue back!


Google’s mass appeal is fueled by the “free tools” they offer such as Google Analytics. But did you know by installing GA, you granted them access to swipe your visitor data? Take your data back! Own it! Change the game with this all-in-one suite!

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